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The human cost of war

Photojournalist Kate Brooks Reveals the Human Cost of War “I don’t have a problem risking my life doing what I am doing. But I have to believe in what I’m doing.” Immediately after the September 11 attacks, the then 24-year-old photographer Kate Brooks set out to document the impact of war on civilians. Since then, she has covered major conflicts throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan, including the American invasion …Read More

‘Don’t take our girls …’

Jewish-Palestinian couples in Israel face increasing pressure as racism becomes more open. Many Jewish-Palestinian couples feel unable to tell their families about their relationship [GALLO/GETTY] Not long after religious nationalists held a rally in Bat Yam under the banner of “Jewish girls for the Jewish people,” a group of rabbis’ wives published a letter urging Jewish women not to date Arab men. Jewish-Palestinian couples remain uncommon in Israel. But both …Read More

Supreme Court ruling to uphold law banning family reunification

Israeli-Palestinian couples on Citizenship Law: Supreme Court guided by Israeli racism Supreme Court ruling to uphold law banning family reunification, ending hope for a normal life for thousands of families in Israel. http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/israeli-palestinian-couples-on-citizenship-law-supreme-court-guided-by-israeli-racism-1.406886#article_comments

Jasmin and Osama Israeli-Palestinian Couple

Love During Wartime, is a documentary by Jewish filmmaker Gabriella Bier about a couple torn between their two religions and countries. Throughout the film, Bier follows an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man who make the decision to wed without the support of their families. Faced with prejudices at home, they travel to Europe, only to find new challenges. Here is an interview with Bier about how she came to …Read More