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Waging Peace

Peace 2000 projects in 2016:

Reykjavik Summit. The year 2016 marks the 30 year anniversary of the Reykjavik Summit between Soviet leader Gorbachev and US President Regan. This remarkable meeting lead to the end of the cold war. Unfortunately recent developments are diminishing what was achieved at that time. Peace 2000 is seeking to bring the spirit back in an effort to seek for solutions to continue the path to peace.

Peace President.  Peace 2ooo is influencing the presidential elections in Iceland through AstThor Magnusson who will run as a candidate in the elections for the purpose of promoting the ideas of Iceland becoming a neutral place of peace as a host for the United Nations and that the President of Iceland gets a new agenda as an International Ambassador for Peace.

Peace Rap. We are putting together rap and music events with the purpose of creating music with peace messages aimed to reach the younger generations and alert them to the need to take action for peace in their communities and spread the word around the world using the various social media tools that are now more and more uniting the world.

Waging Peace

The Peace 2000 movement is engaged in several initiatives for peace. With your support we can continue and expand this important work.

Humanitarian Work

Peace 2000 has delivered medical supplies, food, clothing and gifts to help innocent victims of war. Our Santa Peaceflight was launched in 1995 with the idea of flying gifts with a message of solidarity, friendship and hope from the children in the west to children in war torn countries. Flights have been made from the UK, Ireland and Iceland carrying gifts with personalized messages from our children to children of a similar age in a war torn country. Collection of gifts and messages has been organized through various channels including schools and other non profit organizations. Distribution in the war torn countries has then been carried out in cooperation with locally based charities including local Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. Our flights have also brought food and medical aid and we have flown ambulance flights with children in need for urgent surgery at well equipped western hospitals. The Santa Peaceflights earned us humanitarian awards from the Gandhi Foundation and the Greek Orthodox Church who awarded Peace 2000 their Holy Gold Cross at the nomination of UNESCO.

Santa Peaceflight

The first Santa Peaceflight was organized for the Chernobyl Children’s project. After the successful mission, Icelandic President Vigdis Finnbogadottir was visited by one of the children whose live was saved by the Peace 2000 ambulance flight. Here together with Thor Magnusson and Adi Roche founder of the Irish based Chernobyl Childrens project.

Voluntary work

From time to time Peace 2000 will join hands with other non profit organizations in providing volunteers and support where urgently needed.

Human Shields

We have sent volunteers to war torn countries to show solidarity with civilians fallen victims of political conflicts they have no part in making. Our Human Shield volunteers have spent time doing humanitarian work on the ground while sleeping and working side by side with civilians under threat of bombardment, risking their lives to send out a strong message to the international community that war is not the way forward Peace 2000 provided campaign coordination in Iceland and promoted the campaign nationally to the general public and to various government officials.

Peace through democracy

Peace 2000 is introducing the ALTHING and direct democracy as an important step towards building peaceful communities in the Middle East. Our fact finding mission to Israel and Palestine seeking ideas on how to solve the crisis armed conflict, resulted in the project Althing-Jerusalem being borne. In the year 1000 at the Icelandic Althing now the oldest democratic assembly on the planet and often called the cradle of modern democracy, the Vikings agreed to lay down arms, renounce violence and embrace peace. There has been almost an uninterrupted era of peace in Iceland since this day – for a thousand years! We found many similar elements in the situation in todays Middle East and Iceland prior to the meeting in the year 1000. Using the Althing as a foundation for transition to direct democracy in the Middle East we believe peace can be restored. www.althing.org

Peace Television

Peace 2000 is launching a new cooperative grassroots television network that will broadcast a 24 hour current affairs program in association with hundreds of grassroots organizations to 33 countries with a population of 474 million people in Europe. The unique blend of programming about your world, your life and your wellbeing, brings together leading television producers from around the world. The focus is on peace, human rights, the environment and not least on personal growth to help enlighten the individual viewer how to live in harmony and peace within our multi cultural global village. Over 30 million people responded to appeals from the peace movement to unite and join the 15th february street rallies for peace. Demonstrations continue every week around the world. Now is the time to expand it to those at home watching television and rally millions of television viewers to join our campaign for peace. http://peace.is/tv/index.html

Infomercials against violence on television

Peace 2000 has produced Shooting at Littletoninfomercials made available to television networks to increase awarness of the importance to educate children on media violence. The conclusion of the public health community, based on over 30 years of research, is that viewing entertainment violence can lead to increases in aggressive attitudes, values and behavior, particularly in children,” according a Joint Statement signed by representatives of six public health in July 26, 2000 and presented to US Congress. The Peace 2000 infomercials are intended as an educational warning to be broadcasted immediately prior to the screening of a movie or TV serial containing violence that may be harmful to children.

Awarding peacemakers

The Leifr Eiriksson Peace Award is named after Leifr Eiriksson, son of Iceland, discoverer of Vinland – the American continent in the year 1000. On the same year, the Vikings of Iceland agreed to solve their differences on religion peacefully and lay down their arms at the Althing. This became the cornerstone of a culture of peace that has lasted ever since. While violent wars plagued the world, Icelanders became the only nation in the world to never carry weapons. The Leifr Eiriksson Peace Award is presented to those people around the world who today carry on this culture of peace. The first Leif Eiriksson Peace Award was presented in 2001 to Gabriel Wolff, a young Israeli soldier who was imprisoned for bravely resisting to hold a gun against his fellow citizens.