Leif Eiriksson Peace Award

Awarding peacemakers

The Leifr Eiriksson Peace Award is named after Leifr Eiriksson, son of Iceland, discoverer of Vinland – the American continent in the year 1000. On the same year, the Vikings of Iceland agreed to solve their differences on religion peacefully and lay down their arms at the Althing. This became the cornerstone of a culture of peace that has lasted ever since. While violent wars plagued the world, Icelanders became the only nation in the world to never carry weapons.

The Leifr Eiriksson Peace Award is presented to those people around the world who today carry on this culture of peace.  The first Leif Eiriksson Peace Award was presented in 2001 to Gabriel Wolff, a young Israeli soldier who was imprisoned for bravely resisting to hold a gun against his fellow citizens.

Leifr Eiriksson Peace Award 2022

In cooperation with the Mirpuri Foundation, the Peace 2000 Institute will present the 2022 Leifr Eiriksson Peace Award at a ceremonial event in Lisbon Portugal on the 8th. July 2022.

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