Kindness knows no boundaries

Kindness knows no boundaries

The Santa Peaceflight brings gifts to children in war torn areas from more fortunate children wanting to express their compassion, understanding and unity to dissolve the walls of prejudice.

Become an Earthchild and send compassionate solidarity gifts on the Santa Peaceflight this Christmas to children displaced from war.

Compassionate giving activities at home or in school

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Bring a gift from last Christmas

Organize an evening with the children at home or if you are a teacher organize and event at school where the children bring a gift they received last Christmas.

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Include a message of compassion

Wrap the gifts and include a message of compassion and friendship from the giving child to the child that will receive the gift in the war torn country.

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Put a tag on the outside of packet

On the outside mark the gift with a tag and state if it is to a girl or a boy and what age group:
To: Boy. To: Girl. To: Boy or Girl
Age: 2-4, 5-9, 10-14 years.


Friendship and peace across borders

By including a personal note or drawings with social media contact or email address, you can promote friendship and peace across borders. Previous PEACE2000 Santa flights sparkled several friendships amongst children that lasted for years. 

Contact Peace 2000 to send on Santa Peaceflight

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