Althing Jerusalem

Peace Now!

Peace 2000 calls for immediate cease fire in Gaza and the setup of Althing Jerusalem, a democratic forum where representatives from all ethnic groups in Israel and Palestine can come together to negotiate a resolution for lasting peace.

Althing Jerusalem

Peace 2000 is developing the concept of the Althing Peace Assembly as an important step towards democratic development towards peace in the Middle East. The Althing-Jerusalem project aims to spread the values ​​of democracy in the Middle East, and more particularly within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We want Peace 2000

Another 1000 years of peace now!

In the year 1000 in Althing in Iceland, the Vikings chose to lay down their arms and renounce violence to establish a democratic assembly. This ancient model proved its effectiveness for peace, and that violence was not the solution. Thus, on this model, the Institute sets up a promotion of democratic values.

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