Mutual assurance is the path to peace


Letter to President Volodymyr Zelensky Letter sent to President of Ukraine: President Volodymyr Zelensky,Bankova Str., Kyiv, 01220, Ukraine 31. January 2022 Mutual assurance is the path to peace Your Excellency […]

The human cost of war


Photojournalist Kate Brooks Reveals the Human Cost of War “I don’t have a problem risking my life doing what I am doing. But I have to believe in what I’m […]

‘Don’t take our girls …’


Jewish-Palestinian couples in Israel face increasing pressure as racism becomes more open. Many Jewish-Palestinian couples feel unable to tell their families about their relationship [GALLO/GETTY] Not long after religious nationalists […]

Supreme Court ruling to uphold law banning family reunification


Israeli-Palestinian couples on Citizenship Law: Supreme Court guided by Israeli racism Supreme Court ruling to uphold law banning family reunification, ending hope for a normal life for thousands of families […]

Jasmin and Osama Israeli-Palestinian Couple


[youtube_video] Bs2PeQWs7zo [/youtube_video] Love During Wartime, is a documentary by Jewish filmmaker Gabriella Bier about a couple torn between their two religions and countries. Throughout the film, Bier follows an […]


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Photo: Lady Gaga was presented a Peace Award by Yoko Ono at the John Lennon Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik Iceland.

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A letter to God resulted in Santa´s airlift

On Christmas Eve a father desperate to save the live of his young daughter walked into the office of CNN in Baghdad with a letter in his hand addressed to […]
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Lifesaving airlift to Ireland

“I was young, only six or seven, I was seriously ill…I remember being in the hospital with my friend Vitaly and we ran after Adi and asked her to take […]
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Kindness knows no boundaries

Kindness knows no boundaries The Santa Peaceflight brings gifts to children in war torn areas from more fortunate children wanting to express their compassion, understanding and unity to dissolve the […]
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