Santa flight to Tel Aviv – Letter to Israel Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

The Peace 2000 Institute in Reykjavik, Iceland, has in the past sought to sparkle the miracle magic of Christmas by flying Santa as a messenger of goodwill to war torn countries.

I am writing to you with an appeal for you to open your heart to Santa’s magic this Christmas and grant an authorization for Santa to land his aircraft in Tel Aviv during this holiday season.

Santa’s aircraft will be filled with gifts from Icelandic children to Israel and Palestine children, the innocent victims of an unfortunate war that your peoples have become engulfed in.

Santa wishes to travel through Israel and to Gaza to distribute gifts to children and to meet with Hamas on the ground to request release of hostages. Santa hopes to bring hostages back with him to Israel, and to evacuate relatives of Icelandic families that have entry permits in Iceland, but are currently trapped in Gaza and in urgent need of medical attention.

Santa is a legendary figure based on the wonderful charity of St. Nicholas more than a thousand years ago. In modern times the magic by Icelandic Santa can result in miracles. This transpired when a father, desperate to save the life of his young daughter, walked into the office of CNN in Baghdad with a letter in his hand addressed to God. Three days later Santa landed in Baghdad with an aircraft filled with gifts and airlifted the little girl to a hospital in Amsterdam.

I look forward to hearing from you by return, my contact details below

Yours Sincerely,

Full letter – PDF link: IsraelPrimeMinister-14DEC23.pdf

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