The Gaza Holocaust

Turning Gaza into a death camp by cutting off essentials of maintaining life for 2.3 million people and burying thousands of civilians under rubble to their slow death from suffocation and starvation, is equally inhuman as sending millions of people to the gas chambers. 

Modern Israel with leaders justifying their criminal activities by calling other people “animals” is not something the Icelandic nation can endorse. Our last foreign minister, a young inexperienced mother that rushed out with a public statement in blind support of Israel following the horrendous attacks by the Hamas resistance has since resigned from her post. 

The young womans previous blunder in managing foreign affairs when she single handed shut down the Icelandic embassy in Moscow a few months ago probably also contributed to her departure as the youngest ever foreign minister of our country. 

It is understandable that young people have immediate motional response when witnessing the killing of innocent people from afar. The resistance of young people born into oppression and surrounded by prison walls where they see no other future than a slow painful death is also evitable. Their desperate and brutal action does not give us the right to kill their families.

This is not a conflict of religion. This is not even a complicated conflict. It is caused by greed that goes against all principles of peaceful life and is in no way in harmony with judaism. Rabies and people from all walks of life and religions are flocking to the streets in disgust over the brutal murder of thousands of innocent people in Gaza by the jewish state actors.

It is the responsibility of the world community and our leaders to demand not only an immediate cease fire but that all borders with Gaza be opened without delay to allow humanitarian aid to be brought from all directions to those in desperate need. 

This must be followed with a peace conference where all parties to this conflict are given seat at the negotiation table to find a way to a lasting peace. 

We can no longer allow this conflict to be driven by greed and apartheid. We can no longer watch from afar irresponsible actions of young people that drives us further apart. What is needed now is statesmanship. Experience and reference to history. Courage and foresight. 

In the absence of responsible action from my government in Iceland I shall be running for President in the upcoming 2024 elections with the agenda of establishing Althing Jerusalem, a neutral forum for peace negotiations in the spirit of the oldest parliament in the world. Lets be inspired by the Icelandic Vikings that ended wars and created a peaceful state this way.  

Thor Magnusson

Founder of Peace 2000 Institute and Icelandic Presidential Candidate.

Vogasel 1, 109 Reykjavik, Iceland

Telephone +354 4962000

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