We need your Help
to influence leaders of the world

Peace Ambassador

Our mission is to educate and influence leaders around the world how to resolve conflict through peaceful means. 

We need your Help
to influence leaders around the world

Peace Ambassador


“Stop killing my children.”

– Santa Claus in Baghdad 1997

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A letter to God resulted in Santa´s airlift

On Christmas Eve a father desperate to save the live of his young daughter walked into the office of CNN in Baghdad with a letter in his hand addressed to […]
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Lifesaving airlift to Ireland

“I was young, only six or seven, I was seriously ill…I remember being in the hospital with my friend Vitaly and we ran after Adi and asked her to take […]
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Kindness knows no boundaries

Kindness knows no boundaries The Santa Peaceflight brings gifts to children in war torn areas from more fortunate children wanting to express their compassion, understanding and unity to dissolve the […]
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Althing Jerusalem is the path to peace

Peace 2000 is developing the concept of the Althing Peace Assembly as an important step towards democratic development towards peace in the Middle East. 

Santa Peaceflight

Peace 2000 has multiple times flown Santa with Gifts and Humanitarian aid where needed, working with operators on the ground including Red Cross / Red Crescent. 

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History of the Santa Peaceflight

The first Santa Peaceflight was organized for the Chernobyl Children’s project. After the successful mission, Icelandic President Vigdis Finnbogadottir was visited by one of the children whose live was saved by the Peace 2000 ambulance flight.

Further flights were made to Baghdad and Sarajevo. Both resulted in major promotions for peace around the world.

The Baghdad flight sparked off wide international support for peace that continued for some weeks. Peace 2000 was nominated by UNESCO for a humanitarian award presented by the Greek Orthodox Church that said the publicity from the flight had helped the peace efforts in the Middle East.

Santa Peaceflight
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